Production process of wood pellets, in the factory Termo Pellet, takes place in several phases:

1. Crushing – Mobile crusher Heizohack 14800 1l is used for crushing. As a result of the crushing wood chips are obtained.
2. Primary grinding – It is carried out in a hammer mill for primary grinding of wood chips.
3. Drying – Primarily grinded wood chips are dried in 3 way rotary dryers in whose composition the biomass boiler 2.2 mlu
4. Secondary grinding – grinding of dry scobs is caried out in this phase.
5. Pelletization ( extrusion ) – Pelletizing is done on two German presses muenhc krada …. up to 1.6 T / h
6. Screening the finished pellets – It is done to remove possibly bad pellets , dust and scobs.
7. Packaging – It is done on automatic packing machine in bags of up to 15kg and agrees on pallets (70 bags per pallet).

Production in Termo Pellet automated. Keeping production being realized from the control room where the operator has access to all the parameters of the line.